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Become a member

Benefits you enjoy by being a Member :

  • Have up-to-date information regarding different professional and job-related developments

  • Participate in custom-made training programmes, conferences and workshops

  • Learn about culture and business life in all the member countries

  • Be given the platform to develop skills

  • Gain experience in areas usually found outside your own employment

  • Meet members with a vast range of business knowledge and lifestyles

  • Share a Europe-wide professional and personal network

  • Have the opportunity for lifelong learning and self-development

  • Build on your CV

  • Be part of a unique European association

  • Take an active part in the recognition of the management assistant profession

  • Be able to participate in cross-border teams

We are looking forward to welcoming you and invite you to experience the EUMA spirit.

Here you can find the corresponding information!

Join us by completing the online application form.

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