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Organization structure

Organization Structure of the Hellenic EUMA Group

In addition to the National Committee, which acts on behalf of the Hellenic Group of the European Management Assistants and holds the entire responsibility for the entire and sound operation of the Association, there are several committees that also contribute to the functioning of the Association and which allow the members to participate in various activities and acquire experience.

Such Committees are :

MMA Committee (Managers meet Assistants)
This committee is under the supervision of the Honorary Chairman and founder of the Association in Greece, Mrs Helen Bafe, who first activated it in 1990, and since then, all the other country members have established such committees. Aim of the committee is to bring our members in direct contact with distinguished leaders of the State and business world.

Seminars/Education Committee
It prepares seminars, lectures and workshops related to the profession, by giving the members the opportunity for continuous development and progress. The seminars as well as the workshops are offered by top speakers and workshop leaders of the most distinquished and well known in the local business market.

Committee for Professional Matters
It is an advisory committee on career development, job market, head hunting, etc.

Press Committee
Its duties duties include the issue of periodical press releases regarding activities of the local group and news on the secretarial profession.

New Members’ Committee
It deals with the selection and updating of new members on the European as well as the National Group.

Social Activities Committee
It deals with matters of social and cultural nature, i.e. educational visits, field trips to hotels, firms and organizations, cultural activities, trips, etc.